Consultation Services

I started my blog, Listen & Learn Music, as a new professional in 2008.  Since then, I have worked in multiple settings while growing thriving businesses both online and off, gaining experience in the following areas, among others:

Music therapy clinical work
Starting and running a private practice
Teaching private lessons of all kinds
Cultivating a successful home studio
Songwriting and recording
Using technology to distribute music
Public speaking and presenting
Creating websites and blogs
Using social media to advance my career
Marketing my services and products
Opening a brick-and-mortar business
Managing a team
Creating and directing an internship

I receive numerous emails on a daily basis seeking my guidance in the areas listed above, and although I would love to offer my advice freely to each and every person who inquires, it’s just not possible from a time and economic standpoint.

However, a one-on-one consultation makes the best use of both our time and resources.  And although many consultants offer phone and Skype options, I do not.  I offer one option which I personally think is the best method of all:

Email correspondence, answered within 2 business days, until your questions are fully answered or you feel you have the resources necessary to move forward.

This way, we are not limited to a half-hour or hour discussion (not to mention the challenge of coordinating our busy schedules to find a time that works!).

Through email, I can provide links, fully fleshed-out explanations, and images if applicable.  You are left with a permanent record of our communication to which you can refer back at any time.

Simply purchase your consultation at the price of $59 below, and then send your initial question(s) to Be sure to include “consultation” in the subject line of your email.