Free Download: “On Our Way”

Click the image above to download the lyrics/chords, mp3 and instrumental track for the original song “On Our Way”.


And while you’re here, I want to extend a special VIP invitation to join Listen & Learn Plus —
before the price increases significantly on Monday

I’ve completely overhauled the membership experience by creating a portal with ALL of the materials organized in one place. Those include:

  • Quick links to the blog, courses (more on than in a sec), and all downloads
  • A list of all song categories, which are linked to the mp3 downloads
  • Sheet music, lead sheets, and instrumental tracks
  • Direct links to visual aides, business resources, and studio materials
  • Blog posts by category (songs, business, in practice, and resources)

In addition to all the songs already available to members, I have another 20 ready to be added — AND a guaranteed minimum of 5 new songs per month. I’ll be sending a weekly digest via email to share fresh materials so that you don’t miss a thing.

I’ve also compiled almost 150 of my favorite websites, apps, books, podcasts and equipment/materials across 15 categories (including productivity, business development, mindset, finances, and more) into one ultimate source list. This includes a live Google Doc which I will continue to update for members.

And now, the change I’m MOST excited about: my CMTE course, Early Childhood Programs: Create, Market, Make Music ($75), is now included in the membership, as will future courses. In September, I’ll be launching a CMTE course all about using Dropbox to maximize your effectiveness inside and outside of the music therapy clinic, and I’m open to suggestions for other course topics as well!

Along with all of these changes comes a significant price increase — except for you. Everything I’ve detailed here is included in your membership for $99, a price that won’t go up in the future. The regular price increase goes into effect on August 1, and this offer ends on that day as well.

Just $99/year — this price will more than double on August 1.

</br><center><h2>Hundreds of music resources for children at your fingertips.</h2></center>
<center>Listen and Learn Plus! is is a premium site for music therapists, music educators, parents and anyone else who wants to give their clients, students & children a rich musical experience. Gain instant access to a vast collection of over 200 songs (mp3, lead sheet, and instrumental track), videos, tutorials, and visual aides, plus ALL new releases from Listen & Learn Music.</center>

What your membership has to offer:

Boost Your Creativity

You’ll also be inspired to create your own resources with Rachel’s tips, tricks and tutorials.

Business Guidance

Rachel shares her knowledge and 8+ years of experience in online business and private practice.

Access From Anywhere

Use the Dropbox app to play songs, view lead sheets & utilize visual aides from all your devices.

Professional Development

CMTE courses from Listen & Learn Music are included in the price of membership.


Navigate Easily

The Listen & Learn Plus website is neatly organized by category and searchable, too.

Excellent Service

Looking for a specific song? A link not working correctly? Email Rachel directly for help.

Instrument Songs Galore

Instrument play and exploration is key to most music therapy sessions, early childhood classes, and classroom music experiences. Rev up your repertoire of songs for just about every kid-friendly instrument imaginable with the full Listen & Learn Music collection.

Almost all songs include an mp3, lead sheet with lyrics & chords, and an instrumental track so that you can record your own version.

Songs Based on Goals & Objectives

Most of the songs in the Listen & Learn Music collection were written to target specific goals and objectives. Address social, cognitive, motor, and communication skills with a variety of songs, many of which include accompanying visual aides.

Can’t find a song that addresses a certain goal you’re targeting? Shoot Rachel an email: she is happy to share resources that haven’t yet been added to the Listen & Learn Plus! arsenal, or add it to her to-write list!

Join Listen & Learn Plus! today and instantly double, triple, or even quadruple your repertoire of educational, goal-based songs for children of all ages and abilities.

A Word from Rachel

“Since launching Listen & Learn Plus in 2009, I have provided materials and support to over 300 music therapists, educators, and parents.

I’m sharing with you the very resources I use to serve my own clients and students in my thriving music therapy practice and studio.

I’ve grown from a sole proprietor to a team of 10 with a brick and mortar business, and I’ll show you how I did it.”

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What Our Members Are Saying

“I’ve used a number of your songs in group and individual sessions. I like having a recording I can listen to over and over to help myself learn a new song. I participated in the songwriting challenge, which upped my confidence and gave me a deadline for writing useful songs. I’ve also used some of your visual aides that go along with your songs.”

Katie Mauer

“Having access to your amazing resources and materials through the site has kept my interventions fresh while saving me time and money. Because I know your materials are high quality, Listen & Learn Plus! is one of the first places I look to get new intervention ideas. My clients consistently respond to the songs and visuals I’ve acquired by being a member. This site has definitely helped me be a more successful and less stressed music therapist!”

Sarah Winkler

“Listen & Learn Plus has been great to get some new creative ideas, especially for clients that I have had for many years, where a fresh perspective is especially helpful. Sometimes, if you have had a client for many years, seeing ideas from another therapist can be very insightful. You’ve done a wonderful job in creating your site!”

Kathleen Coleman

Gain instant and affordable access to THOUSANDS of dollars worth of songs, videos, tutorials, sheet music, and other music resources.

Save tons of valuable time and energy when planning sessions, music classes, activities, and choosing educational children’s music.

Just $99/year — this price will more than double on August 1.