The Essential Listen & Learn Music Collection

I rounded up what I think are 44 of THE most essential songs in the entire Listen & Learn collection. I’m pretty sure my customers agree, because they also happen to be some of my best-selling songs.

And for just this week, you also get the Summer Song Pack ($12 value) completely free when you purchase the Essential Collection.

This collection is only available until Tuesday, May 22 at midnight.

Time to Sing Hello

  1. Time to Sing Hello
  2. My Clothes and Shoes
  3. That Yellow Bus
  4. Making Friends
  5. The Feelings in My Heart
  6. Move Your Body Along
  7. Clock Rock
  8. Left and Right
  9. Clean Up Time
  10. Time to Say Goodbye

Ring, Sing, Strum & Drum

  1. Sh-Sh-Sh-Shake
  2. Rhythm Sticks Mix
  3. Ring Around the Rainbow
  4. Hum a Tune
  5. Gather ‘Round the Drum
  6. Strum With Your Fingers & Thumb
  7. Click Like This, Clack Like That
  8. Cabasa Bossa Nova
  9. Jingle Jamboree
  10. Rainstick Round
  11. Lollipop Start & Stop
  12. Tam Tam Boo

Spring Into Summer

  1. Spring Into Summer
  2. Thank You, Mom
  3. Grow, Flower, Grow
  4. Riding My Bike
  5. Summer Break (Let’s Shake!)
  6. Going on a Car Ride
  7. Summertime Tune
  8. Happy Father’s Day
  9. In the Swimming Pool
  10. “S” is for Summer

Plus all of the following individual songs…

Down by the Beach
Movin’ in the Circle
Stretch in the Morning
The Five Senses
Motion in the Ocean
Humpty Dumpty

Colors in the Morning
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Better When I’m Dancing
Five Little Monkeys
Blowin’ in the Wind
Time for Sayin’ Goodbye

Plus the Summer Song Pack!

The Summer Song Pack is a bundle of 12 songs for children based around the theme of summer. These songs target a variety of objectives and skills, including calendar, rhyming, speech goals, instrument play, academic concepts, group participation, spatial awareness, and gross motor movement.

This bundle includes the recording, instrumental track, and chords for all 12 songs — a value of $36. These songs are the perfect addition to your summer season repertoire for summer camps, music therapy sessions, early childhood groups, the classroom, or anywhere else you use music to help children learn and grow.