“Our Favorite Accomplishments of 2018”

Episode 77

This is the final episode in our current season, during which I’ve been so lucky to have Jaime Lawrence as a co-host. I hope you’ve enjoyed her added perspective here on the podcast just as much as I have!

Since we’re making our way towards the end of 2018, Jaime and I thought it would be fun to share our favorite accomplishments of the year, both personally and professionally. This was such a fun episode to record, and it made me excited to think about all that I want to accomplish in 2019.

Mentioned in the Episode

Music Therapy CEO Project: The new resource Rachel recently launched with her co-owner of Music Therapy Connections. This 5-credit CMTE course and year-long program serves as a guide in helping music therapy business owners continue to grow their business, improve their CEO mindset, embrace their role as a visionary, and strengthen their team, no matter how large or small.

Monthly Session Plans: Each month, Rachel creates a 10-song session plan for use in music therapy sessions, early childhood classes, and/or the classroom. Session plans include the m3, instrumental track, lyrics and chords for each song, as well as detailed facilitation guides that provide goals/objectives, procedure steps, suggested instruments/materials, and adaptations for all 10 songs. 


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