{Inside Look} Listen & Learn Plus!

Listen & Learn Plus Membership

Welcome! I hope this is only the first of many future visits to Listen & Learn Plus. After receiving many requests for a “demo” of the site, I created this page so that you have a better idea of what is included in membership before making the investment. Below is just a sample of the resources you’ll find here.

I. Album Downloads

Virtually every album in the Listen & Learn Music collection is available here at Listen & Learn Plus. That’s hundreds of songs (most of which include mp3, instrumental track & lead sheet) all just a click away. Below is a link to one of those albums.

Seeya Later Alligator Album Cover

Album Download: Seeya Later, Alligator

II. Sheet Music

While most of my songs come with a lead sheet (lyrics and chords), I have also created notated versions for many of them to help you learn them even faster. All lead sheets and sheet music come in PDF format for easy viewing across all devices.

Bells are for Shaking Album Cover

Sheet Music Download: Bells are for Shaking

III. Monthly Session Plans

Each month, you’ll receive a 10-song session plan that you can use in your music therapy sessions, early childhood classes, and/or classroom. Your session plan includes the mp3, instrumental track, lyrics and chords for each song, as well as detailed facilitation guides that provide goals/objectives, procedure steps, suggested instruments/materials, and adaptations for all 10 songs.

September 2019 Session Plan

Session Plan: September 2019

IV. Materials & Handouts

I have created and shared a variety of visual aides, PDF downloads, and blog posts on topics related to music therapy, music education, online business, songwriting and recording. Here are a few examples:

Monthly Schedule Cards
Vocal Warmups
“My Favorite Things” Songwriting Activity

V. Dropbox Access

All of the resources I’ve mentioned or linked to above, plus everything else included in the membership, can be found in the membership portal. But for quick, easy access from ANYWHERE, all members are invited to share my Dropbox folder. Hundreds of resources are instantly available to you on your computer, iPad, or iPhone without having to visit the website.

Listen & Learn on Dropbox

For just $247/year or $27/month, you’ll receive an all-access pass to all of the above, plus direct email support from me. New songs and resources are added every week, so the value of your membership far exceeds the amount you pay.

Are you ready to join hundreds of other music therapists, educators, and other professionals who enrich others’ lives through music? If you’re still not sure, read what they have to say about Listen & Learn Plus. And then start your membership today.

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