What L&L Plus Members are Saying…

“My L&L membership has benefited me by saving me time in planning activities/interventions for my clients. I spin a lot of plates these days so it’s nice to just hop online (now go to my Dropbox!) find an appropriate song for my client’s goals, print/listen/laminate/adapt, and be on my way!”

-Stacie S.

“As a first grade teacher I use your songs for teaching behavior, fun seasonal songs, and just fun songs to sing.  My students love Sit With Me Maybe, Thank You, Making Friends, and Halloween Stew!  I was very excited when I found your website last year and have enjoyed accessing all the resources.

Thank you for helping me share music with my students and our entire school in our weekly assemblies.  We don’t have a music teacher and for some of our students (a colleague who plays the guitar and I lead songs) this is the only music students are experiencing at school.

Your songs make me smile and want to sing all the time with my students!  Sometimes we have to do other things like math or reading… sheesh.”

-Amelia E.

“I love being a member of Listen and Learn Plus!  It is such an affordable way for me to keep my songs and ideas fresh.  Your songs are very singable, and easy to learn – which is certainly a plus for me!  My clients often ask for songs from Listen and Learn, and I always seem to find a song that fits with what I need for my client’s goals. Thanks for having such a great resource!”

-Courtney B.

“Listen & Learn Plus has given me a huge variety of compositions that I KNOW one of my adult clients with autism has not heard before.  His repertoire is so vast that it is a challenge to find music that is new to him.  We especially enjoy the calendar songs and many of the seasonal songs that are appropriate for all ages.”

-Kathy S.

“I have truly benefited from my membership with Listen & Learn Plus! Having access to your amazing resources and materials through the site has kept my interventions fresh while saving me time and money. Because I know your materials are high quality, Listen & Learn Plus! is one of the first places I look to get new intervention ideas. My clients consistently respond to the songs and visuals I’ve acquired by being a member. This site has definitely helped me be a more successful and less stressed music therapist!”

-Sarah W.

“Listen and Learn Plus is a great resource! For the beginning MT, it’s full of songs and ideas that are just waiting to be implemented.  For the more experienced MT’s, it’s a wealthy amount of materials to boost your repertoire with additional songs and ideas.”

-Amanda E.

“As a special education preschool teacher, I have benefited quite a bit from being a member of Listen and Learn Plus. I use music ALL The TIME in my classroom and I value music as a wonderful way to teach ALL students. I regularly use Rachel Rambach’s music. I find her songs to be relevant, applicable to thematic units, and enjoyable!”

-Kara V.

“I’ve used a number of your songs in group and individual sessions. I like having a recording I can listen to over and over to help myself learn a new song. I participated in the songwriting challenge, which upped my confidence and gave me a deadline for writing useful songs. I’ve also used some of your visual aides that go along with your songs.”

-Katie M.

“I love being a member of Listen & Learn Plus! The ease of accessing all your great tunes & materials via Dropbox has made my song repertoire for teaching grow, and my students LOVE all the ways we can interpret the songs and sing them together. Since I play guitar and teach grades PreSchool – 8, I often share your songs in connection with different seasons & holidays. Having complete access to your archives makes L&L Plus my go-to spot for song ideas!

I also really appreciate your email communications and blog posts. Even though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you and really enjoy all that your share as an educator, therapist, musician, and parent! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this project…for those of us that don’t live near you, the presence you have online through L&L Plus still provides a strong connection between what you do and how you share it with others.”

-Vicki W.

“I have found Listen & Learn Plus to be a great resource, especially for a relatively new MT-BC. I just started working in the public school system last month, and your songs and visuals have been a wonderful help to me!”

-Robyn R.

“Listen & Learn Plus! has given me a tool box of new songs and activities. As a full-time music therapist and business owner, sometimes I feel like my creative flow and songwriting is the last thing that I have time to work on. Because of L&L Plus, I have been able to use your songs and activities and it has sparked a flow for my own songwriting. Thank you.”

-Tamela P.

“Being a member of Listen & Learn Plus has really helped me in my music therapy practice when it comes to song themes and categories. When I am looking for a specific theme, category or song for a specific instrument, Listen & learn is the first place I check and 9/10 times I find something that I can either use or adapt to meet the specific goal for my clients.”

-Marissa R.

Listen & Learn Plus has been great to get some new creative ideas, especially for clients that I have had for many years, where a fresh perspective is especially helpful. Sometimes, if you have had a client for many years, seeing ideas from another therapist can be very insightful. You’ve done a wonderful job in creating your site!

-Kathleen C.