“All Things Halloween!”

Episode 76

Halloween is coming, and we are ready! So of course we had to dedicate an entire episode to how we celebrate this special day at home — including decorations, our family’s costumes, and favorite traditions — and at work — the songs we sing, how we integrate Halloween into our groups and sessions, and ways we get festive in our workplaces.

To be honest, Halloween is not my favorite day of the year, as I share in the episode, but when you have kids and work with children, you really just have to embrace it. If you’re like me, I hope this episode helps you do that, and if you are already a Halloween enthusiast, then you’ll be even more pumped up after listening!

Mentioned in the Episode

“Pick a Pumpkin”: The song Rachel shares on this episode.

Cardboard Haunted House: I couldn’t find a direct link to the cardboard haunted house that kept my son occupied for weeks, but it came from Michaels. Check your local store!

Parker's Haunted House

Here’s a photo of Parker and his grandma (who helped color!) posing with the finished product.


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