Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC

Welcome! My name is Rachel Rambach. Here are a few words and phrases I might use to describe myself: mom, music therapist, business owner, singer, songwriter, and educator. So what happens when all of these aspects of my life converge? Well, you’re looking at it!

This is where all of my interests and skills are combined for one purpose: to make peoples’ lives better through music. Whether it’s through my original songs, serving my community through my business, or singing with my children, this is my favorite place to share my musical endeavors. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to get to know you better.


In addition to my music therapy work, I also perform frequently in local venues and at both public and private events. To inquire about booking opportunities, please contact me via email, rachel@rachelrambach.com.

Performances | Rachel Rambach

Whether it is a school performance, outreach event, or fundraiser, I love making music with children in the community! To inquire about booking opportunities, please contact me via email, rachel@rachelrambach.com.

Events | Rachel Rambach

For over 100 videos of my original songs, work with children, and performances, visit my YouTube channel here.

Videos | Rachel Rambach

Want to know more about my background and journey to becoming a music therapist? Read my story for all the details, including the evolution of my business and family.

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Recent Blog Posts

Stress-Free Session Planning

Stress-Free Session Planning | Listen & Learn Music

During my first year as a music therapist, I was just trying to get my footing (can you relate?). Whenever I felt like I didn’t know what to do or was stuck, I would start hunting for resources, songs, or interventions…and I always came back to Listen & Learn Music.

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Listen & Learn Music: Making My Life Easier Since 2015

Listen & Learn Music: A Resource for Music Therapists

This blog post is by Cacia King, MT-BC, a board-certified music therapist who joined the team here at Listen & Learn Music after years as a reader and Listen & Learn Plus member. Thank you, Cacia, for sharing how you have benefited from L&L resources in your first few years of practice! 

I have a clear memory of the first time a colleague told me about Listen & Learn Music. I was about to take on one of my first school contracts and would be working with lots of small children. I had a pretty solid repertoire, but I wanted more resources, more songs, and especially, a different spin on the same goals.

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Bringing Fall Into Your Sessions & Classes

Bringing Fall Into Your Music Therapy Sessions & Classes

Pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, apple picking, the crisp air and the crunchy leaves……yup, I’m dreaming of fall! Here in New England I can already feel the season changing, which means fall is coming soon and it’s time to prepare some goal-oriented fall-themed songs.

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ABCs and 123s: Songs that Make Learning Easy!

ABCs and 123s - Songs that Make Learning Easy | Listen & Learn Music

One of the most inspiring aspects of working with children is witnessing their learning and growth. At the beginning of the year, it’s important to assess what my students know, and where extra support would be beneficial. These fun and goal-oriented songs address basic academic skills that are essential for all little ones to learn!

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{GGB 72} Braving Back to School Season

Guitars & Granola Bars Podcast | Episode 72: Braving Back to School Season | Listen & Learn Music | Rachel Rambach

This week’s topic was a no-brainer for two moms who also work with school-aged children. It’s back to school time, which comes with a whole lot of excitement, overwhelm, challenges, and planning.

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Off to Kindergarten!

Off to Kindergarten | Listen & Learn Music | Rachel Rambach

The day we’ve been anticipating all summer — some more eagerly than others — finally arrived: my son Parker’s first day of kindergarten.

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If I Could Keep You Little

If I Could Keep You Little

This past week as we’ve been preparing for my son’s first day of kindergarten, I can’t help but think about how the past 5 years have flown by so quickly. I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing all the first day of school photos, feeling sad for those parents while squeezing my own baby tight.

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{GGB 71} On Being Innovative

Guitars & Granola Bars Podcast Episode 71: On Being Innovative | Rachel Rambach

I never fully appreciated the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” until I became a business owner. It didn’t take long to realize that there are busy seasons in a private practice and teaching studio, and then there are slow seasons. Very, very slow seasons.

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