Cardinal, Sing Your Song | Listen & Learn Music

Over the summer, I was approached by the Illinois State Museum and asked to create a video that related in some way to Illinois. I knew immediately that I wanted to focus on the cardinal, which is the state bird of Illinois.

The cardinal bird has always been a favorite in my house, ever since I was a little girl. One reason my family is a fan of the cardinal is that it just happens to be the mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals — our baseball team of choice. And of course, since I grew up in Illinois, it’s always been on my radar as our state bird.

Now while the cardinal might not be your state bird (although it is in 7 U.S. states!), there’s a good chance that you see this beauty in your backyard from time to time. Maybe you’ve even heard its pretty singing, which is featured in the song I wrote for the Illinois State Museum video.

I had fun doing the research needed in order to complete this project. The video not only features a performance of “Cardinal, Sing Your Song”, but also quite a few facts about this lovely creature. You can watch it for yourself below:

I hope the next time you see a cardinal, you’ll think of me and this song! Stay tuned for the other video I created for the museum’s series, coming your way soon.