Music Therapy Songs for Telehealth Sessions | Listen & Learn Music

Even though the country is opening back up, virtual services are not going away. I believe that, especially in today’s day and age, virtual services will stay around for a long time. Not only does it limit the spread of germs, but it allows us to reach people who may otherwise not be able to receive music therapy or other musical interactions.

My last two blog posts have been heavily focused on the technology aspect of virtual services. Now, let’s take a look at what goes on within those sessions. Songs from the Listen & Learn Music collection have always played a big role in my music therapy sessions and early childhood services, but these three songs have especially shown to be successful in my virtual services.

“Color Me Happy”

Songs that incorporate the use of scarves are great for teletherapy sessions, because even if the children on the other side of the screen don’t have scarves, they can use anything that can be waved (e.g. a jacket, dish towel, ribbon, etc.).

“Color Me Happy” can be paired with scarves, shakers, or any other items to address color identification, while also giving children an opportunity to move their bodies and follow directions as they are given. The repetitive nature of the song and simple lyrics encourage singing along, as well.

“Little Red Apples”

This counting song works well with visuals of apples, so I take advantage of the screen share function on Zoom. I like to use google slides to make my telehealth visuals and easily display important details of the song. In this case, I display a certain number of apples on each slide, allowing the participant to count them during the song.

“Little Red Apples” is also easily adapted to count to higher or lower numbers or work on addition and subtraction. Not only is this song great to use for virtual services, but it’s also very fitting for the fall season!

“Move Your Body Along”

This song is a Listen & Learn classic and if it’s not already in your repertoire, it should be. “Move Your Body Along” is my go to song for addressing movement and following directions. You can incorporate a variety of movements as well as adapt it to work on right and left or include instruments!

Near the end of the song, I like to give my participant the ability to choose what movement to do. This is often received well, as our young participants don’t often get much autonomy in their everyday lives, especially with the current circumstances.

If you are just starting virtual services, need some ideas to switch it up, or are simply stuck, these songs are a great way to get those virtual services rolling. What songs have you found to be successful in your telehealth sessions?