Holiday Deal: Counting Time Collection

Welcome, newsletter subscribers! I hope you’ll take advantage of this month’s holiday deal, just as many of you did back in November with the 50% off album sale and discounted price of Listen & Learn Plus.  Note: To receive the discounted price, be sure to use the “add to cart” button featured on this page.

The Counting Time Collection is made up of visual aides + lyrics + chords + mp3s and is designed to help young children practice counting to 10.  I also use it to practice counting backwards from 10 to 1.  The cover (pictured above) features a sneak preview of some of the pages included in the book, and you can listen to the tunes in their entirety.

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When I first started working as a music therapist, I noticed that a frequent goal among my young students was counting to 10.  So I wrote a little tune and put together a book of colorful pages — each containing 10 eye-catching items to count and the corresponding numbers — and have been using it ever since.  My original book has gotten a little beaten up over the years, but my students don’t mind :)

I wanted to share this resource with you, so I went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the visual aide book.  Most of it is based on the seasons and themes of each month in order (leaves in September, pumpkins in October, turkeys in November, etc.) with some fun items thrown in at the end.  The fonts are pretty, the pictures are fun, and all of the lyrics (they only change slightly, depending on the items being counted) are right there next to each picture.

In order to make my Counting Time Collection accessible to as many of you as possible, I have priced it super low — only $9 — and thrown in a free download of my Christmas album (regularly priced at $10).  So snag one for yourself, and then grab a copy (Christmas present, anyone?!) for a fellow therapist, teacher, or parent.

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