{10 Years of L&L} Upleveling in Year 11

Kicking Off Year 11 | Listen & Learn Music

After 10 days of looking back on the history of Listen & Learn Music, I couldn’t end this party without a little talk about the future around here. We’re officially into Year 11, and its off to the best possible start.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 10: 2017

L&L Turns 10 - Year 10 | Listen & Learn Music

I can say with 100% certainty that Year 10 has been my favorite chapter in Listen & Learn’s story thus far. For the first time ever, it has played a role equal to Music Therapy Connections in my professional life, and I’ve found a beautiful balance between the two. I’m more confident in my songwriting than I’ve ever been before, and I appreciate the difference my music has made in others’ lives on a whole new level.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 9: 2016

L&L Turns 10 - Year 9 | Listen & Learn Music

It was during Year 9 that I finally came up for air and regained a bit more balance in my life. My daughter started part-time daycare, meaning I had more hours in my day to get back to the part of my work I missed most: writing and recording songs.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 8: 2015

L&L Turns 10 - Year 8 | Listen & Learn Music

Year 8 of Listen & Learn Music was a HARD one. That’s not to say it wasn’t good — in fact, it was all the good things in my life at one time that made it hard. I was adjusting to having two kids (my toddler went to part-time daycare and I was home with my baby during the day), a beautiful new studio, a music therapy intern, and a full caseload, so trying to find time to write and record new songs on a regular basis was a challenge.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 7: 2014

L&L Turns 10 - Year 7 | Listen & Learn Music

Year 7 at Listen & Learn was another big one. With my son in part-time daycare, I finally had daytime hours to devote to songwriting and creating content, so the first thing I did that year was create an online CMTE course all about my favorite kind of direct service: early childhood.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 6: 2013

L&L Turns 10 - Year 6 | Listen & Learn Music

Year 6 at Listen & Learn Music was a time of adjustment and learning. As a brand new mom with a baby at home and two businesses to run, I had to figure out how to prioritize my time and energy…because I didn’t have a whole lot of either (year 6 was also a time of very little sleep).


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