{10 Years of L&L} Year 10: 2017

L&L Turns 10 - Year 10 | Listen & Learn Music

I can say with 100% certainty that Year 10 has been my favorite chapter in Listen & Learn’s story thus far. For the first time ever, it has played a role equal to Music Therapy Connections in my professional life, and I’ve found a beautiful balance between the two. I’m more confident in my songwriting than I’ve ever been before, and I appreciate the difference my music has made in others’ lives on a whole new level.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 8: 2015

L&L Turns 10 - Year 8 | Listen & Learn Music

Year 8 of Listen & Learn Music was a HARD one. That’s not to say it wasn’t good — in fact, it was all the good things in my life at one time that made it hard. I was adjusting to having two kids (my toddler went to part-time daycare and I was home with my baby during the day), a beautiful new studio, a music therapy intern, and a full caseload, so trying to find time to write and record new songs on a regular basis was a challenge.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 4: 2011

{L&L Turns 10} Year 4: 2011 | Listen & Learn Music

I look back fondly upon Year 4 of Listen & Learn Music, because for the first time, I started to consider it as part of my job rather than just a fun hobby. Since I was completely self-employed at this point, I had the freedom to spend my days writing new songs and content before working with private practice clients in the afternoons and evenings.