Seven Days in a Week

With the school year beginning in just a few weeks, I’ve had classroom topics on the brain. I know that calendar songs are part of the daily routine in many classrooms, so I’m adding one more to my long list of ’em.

Seven Days in a Week lists each day of the week several times throughout the song so that it helps children not only learn the names of each day, but also the order. The song also touches on the difference between weekdays and weekends. Take a listen:

This song can be used in conjunction with a “Today Is” kind of song (I have always used this one) or just as a standalone.

After working in a school for several years, I’ve heard MANY songs about the days of the week — and I know they can get old pretty quickly if you hear them every day. That’s why I’m all about revisiting topics I’ve already written songs for and providing lots of options. In my experience, using a different song to address a long-term goal can be just what a child needs to finally master it.

What are your favorite “days of the week” and other calendar songs?

The First Song of 2012

The First Song of 2012

My purpose for starting Listen & Learn (all the way back in 2008!) was to share my educational songs for children. Since then, I’ve posted over 150 of them — but only about 20 or so in 2011. Turns out I was so busy blogging every day that I didn’t have the time to write and record as much as I would have liked.

2012 is the year I return to my original mission: to provide musical resources on a regular basis. Every Monday, you’ll find a brand new song, which will be available for purchase along with the instrumental track and lyrics/chords.

It should come as no surprise that I’m kicking off the year with a song about the year itself, just as I did in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. I’m excited about all the possibilities that 2012 holds, which I think is reflected in this fun, upbeat tune:

I’m looking forward to writing, recording, and sharing at least 51 more songs with you in 2012! If you have any topic requests, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. Here’s to a musical new year!

365 in 2011: 2 Months Down, 10 To Go

February 2011 Blog Post ChallengeI’ll tell you what — time flies when you’re blogging on a daily basis!  Before I know it, another week has gone by and it’s time to start planning next week’s posts.  Two months after setting my goal of writing 365 blog posts in 2011, I’m still 100% committed.

I’m starting to develop a rotation  of topics each week, including a new song, advice or answering reader questions, Listen & Learn Plus! content, and of course the usual “Friday Fave” and “Sunday Singalong” posts.  Here are all 29 of my entries for February:

  1. 365 in 2011: 1 Month Down, 11 To Go
  2. Snow My Goodness!
  3. Editing Instrumental Tracks in Garageband
  4. February Sponsor Shout-Outs
  5. Friday Fave: Star-Spangled Weekend
  6. How to Host, Share & Sell Your Music
  7. Sunday Singalong: Superbowl LXV Edition
  8. Video Interview: Music Therapy Q&A
  9. Speech Therapy + Music Therapy = <3
  10. Free “Feelings” Visual Aide Download
  11. Download: Winter Song MP3 & Lead Sheet
  12. Friday Fave: Thesis Theme for WordPress
  13. Reflections From a Music Therapy Intern
  14. Sunday Singalong: Happiness Runs
  15. You Are Loved
  16. Spanish Songs, Blues & the Oud
  17. Happy Birthday, Music Therapy Round Table!
  18. Business Card Marketing Tips
  19. Friday Fave: Dropbox
  20. All Keyed Up!
  21. Sunday Singalong: The Rhythm of Love
  22. Adapted “Rhythm of Love” Lyrics & Chords
  23. Nurturing a Creative Burst
  24. Turn the Beat Around
  25. A Song for Celebrating Life
  26. Friday Fave: Getting Things Done
  27. The Ins & Outs of Running a Studio
  28. Sunday Singalong: Red, Yellow & Green
  29. My Favorite Things (A Singable Story)

As I enter into month #3, I want to know: what topics haven’t I covered yet that you would like for me to address?   As much as this is a personal goal, the whole point is to provide a helpful resource to YOU!  Please share your comments below.

365 in 2011: 1 Month Down, 11 To Go

January 2011 Blog Post Challenge

And what a month it has been!  I formally announced my lofty blogging goal of writing 365 blog posts in 2011 on January 8 (after having already written 9 for the year), and have been typing away ever since.

Accountability is key for this challenge; so at the start of each new month, I’ll report my progress for the previous month.  Now that it’s February, I owe you a grand total: in January, I wrote 34 blog posts.  That’s one per day, plus a couple two-a-days.  Here’s a list, in case you’ve missed any:

  1. A New Year’s Note From Me to You
  2. From January 1st Until the Year is Done…
  3. Fresh New Start (And a Song to Go With It)
  4. Sunday Singalong: The January Song
  5. Recording Vocals Over Instrumental Tracks
  6. A Day in the Life of a Music Therapist
  7. But “Government Relations” Sounds Scary!
  8. Calling All Illinois Music Therapists
  9. Friday Fave: Back in the Saddle
  10. A Lofty Goal for 2011
  11. Sunday Singalong: There Was an Old Lady
  12. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  13. Snow Day? What’s That?
  14. Presentation: Music Therapy for Communication
  15. I Graduated…Now What?
  16. Friday Fave: Music Teacher’s Helper
  17. Custom Song: What You Mean to Me (A-Z)
  18. Sunday Singalong: A Cold Day Weather Song
  19. Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  20. It’s Cold Outside (A Song by Wade Richards)
  21. Adventures in Songwriting: The Beginning
  22. Adventures in Songwriting: My Process
  23. Friday Fave: iPhone Apps for Songwriting
  24. Adventures in Songwriting: Collaboration
  25. Show Your Students How Special They Are
  26. Sunday Singalong: I’m Gonna Catch You
  27. Messy Desk Confessions
  28. Jumping for Joy
  29. My Insurance Agent Taught Me a Lesson
  30. Why Playing Music is Like Housecleaning
  31. Friday Fave: Building an Empire
  32. A Starbucks Kind of Saturday
  33. Sunday Singalong: Winter All Around Us
  34. Being a Therapist & Becoming a Mom

One of the unexpected benefits of my everyday blogging has been a huge increase in not only traffic to my site, but also in feedback.  I’ve received more comments this month than ever before, and each time I see a Facebook “like” or “share” or Twitter “retweet”, my heart grows a little bit.  Thank you all so much for that!

I can’t wait to conquer February.  And if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see me address this month, now is the time to share!  I’d love for you to leave a comment below.

Sunday Singalong: Winter All Around Us

I know what you’re thinking…not another song about winter!  Trust me, I don’t like winter any more than you do, but my students (and yours as well, most likely) need to hear about and understand it as it’s happening.

As I mentioned in the video, this is an older song that I don’t use very often these days.  (Here’s my latest song about winter.)  But it’s still fun to sing, and I like that it’s so short.  It’s also a great one for use during songwriting activities — it’s easy to come up with additional verses.

Who else is counting the days until spring is here?  As the midwest prepares for yet another winter storm, I’m assuming I’m not alone in my countdown.  Stay warm, stay safe, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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