Zach’s First Father’s Day

I celebrated Mother’s Day as an almost-mommy, but Zach was lucky to get the full blown Father’s Day experience! He took this photo the morning of, as we were all relaxing in bed before starting our day.

We hung around the house for most of the day, and being the sweet wife that I am, I even dressed Parker in Cubs gear to make his daddy happy. Unfortunately for Zach, the outfit didn’t last long as Parker had a little accident while I was changing him later on — he might turn out to be a Cardinals fan after all ;)

We spent the afternoon with my parents and had a little cookout to celebrate the dads and grandpas. All in all, it was a really nice Father’s Day — just another “first” in our lives as new parents!

Week 29 (Happy Easter!)

Holy cow, this is the LAST week of 20s before I enter the final 10 weeks of pregnancy. 10 weeks. That’s just mind-boggling to me. I am so grateful to still be feeling awesome, though that 3rd trimester exhaustion kicks in earlier and earlier each night, it seems. Other than that, I’m not having any discomfort, aches or pains — just lots of happy kicks and wiggles from inside.

We had a great weekend full of friends and family, and spent Sunday celebrating Easter. First came two church services, followed by a delicious brunch at the Inn at 835 with my mom and stepdad. We got a couple photos while we were there — I had to show off my bump in my cute new maternity dress!

Next, we went over to Zach’s parents for more Easter fun with his siblings and our nieces and nephew. Holidays are a lot more exciting with kids around, and once our baby is born, there will be 5 of them to keep us busy and entertained at Rambach family festivities!

Thanks to a gracious neighbor, we actually got the whole family in a photo. After an Easter egg hunt, lots of playing, and dinner, Zach and I were ready to crash. But that wasn’t the end of Week 29 excitement — I’ll fill you in on the rest soon!

What Junebug Got For Christmas

It was a great Christmas in the Rambach household, particularly for the one of us who isn’t born yet. Zach and I got plenty of great presents from each other and our families, of course, but it was great to get a head start on baby supplies and accessories.

The entire box you see above is completely filled with clothes, toys, bath supplies, and other completely adorable (and gender-neutral…notice no pink or blue!?) things for Junebug. But that wasn’t all we got.

I also got some thoughtful baby-related gifts from my students, like these two books. I thought it was so sweet of my student, Annie, to choose two of her favorite books from when she was a baby for Junebug.

Zach received some reading material, too! I absolutely LOVE this book gifted to him from his siblings — it definitely applies to this iEverything addict. I’m going to have to remind him to read it on a regular basis pretty soon. In addition to this book, he also received The Expectant Father and Quarterback Dad: A Play-By-Play Guide To Tackling Your New Baby.

I am in no way whatsoever a fan of football, but Zach is a HUGE Chicago Bears fan. I couldn’t resist picking up a couple cute outfits I came across at Target just before Christmas. We still don’t know whether Junebug is a girl or boy, but I figured they can be worn either way. I think Sadie was a little jealous of all the attention the baby is already receiving, poor puppy.

I didn’t take pictures of ALL our baby-related gifts, but there were lots of others. One of my favorites is the diaper bag my best friend Katie gave me. She is always giving me very extravagant gifts, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it is a Coach bag. I’m going to be a stylish mom…well, at least as far as the diaper bag goes :) I also received plenty of maternity clothes that, in addition to all the clothes my sister-in-law Rebecca gave me, will get me through the rest of my pregnancy.

This is only a taste of being a family with a baby. We were definitely reminded enough times to enjoy the last relatively quiet holiday of our lives. I can only imagine what next Christmas is going to look like!

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