New Studio Tour (Part 1)

Music Therapy Connections studio

Day 1 in our new studio is officially in the books! Yesterday was a whirlwind of administrative tasks, moving the last few things, putting the final touches on my office, and finally, welcoming students for the start of the fall session.

Our new space includes my office/studio, Katey’s office/studio, a therapy room, and large group space. Today I’ll give you a look inside my office/studio, since it’s the closest to being “done” in terms of stocking and decorating. I really love how it has shaped up, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to since it looks and feels so different from my old studio.

Music Therapy Connections studio

Katey and I wanted a uniform look throughout, so we went with all new furnishings — including desks, pianos, shelving, and rugs. I’m keeping my home office intact, so almost everything in the old studio stayed behind. The color scheme in our new space is blue and green with pops of pink (of course).

Music Therapy Connections studio

One of the biggest changes is our new pianos, which will take some getting used to. They are beautiful instruments, but very different from the good ol’ Cable upright I’ve been playing since I was a toddler. My students have so far been pretty excited about this change, especially checking out all the cool features that come with a Clavinova.

Music Therapy Connections studio

Several pieces of student artwork did make it over to my new office, though there is plenty of blank wall space left to fill. I’m reserving my bulletin board for photos of my piano students with their certificates (which I call the “wall of fame”).

Music Therapy Connections studio

Of course, no studio would be complete without a mirror for voice students. Most of them resist singing in front of one at first, but after a few lessons, they not only get used to it, but begin to enjoy observing themselves as they sing. I think it is so important to be aware of your breathing, posture, facial expressions, and overall body language.

Music Therapy Connections studio

My desk is pretty stark at the moment, which is how I like it. I try to keep papers filed or in my planner rather than stacked on my desk, though when life and work get a little crazier, that won’t always be the case.

Music Therapy Connections studio

I’m not one for clutter in general, which is good since my new office/studio is considerably smaller. I love that all of my music therapy instruments now have a dedicated home in the therapy room, which frees up lots of space in here.

I have a feeling this room will look and feel much more “lived in” after a couple of weeks, but for now I am enjoying the extreme organization and newness of it. Stay tuned for part 2 of the new studio tour!

My Musical Space: Susan Seale’s Musicalia


Last spring, I chronicled the renovation of my new studio right here at Listen & Learn. I asked readers for decorating and organizing suggestions, and was thrilled to receive a boatload of ideas from the wonderful Susan Seale, who has a music and movement education studio of her own.

The pictures Susan sent me of her studio sparked a fun idea: why not showcase the places where my readers create, teach, and facilitate musical experiences? So this is the inaugural edition of a new series called “My Musical Space” — beginning with Susan’s beautiful studio. (Click the pictures to view larger versions.) Let’s start with the entrance and waiting room:

Entrance & Waiting Room

“These are photos of the hallway, looking into the office with it’s busy-ness and the organized but extremely busy storage beside the office (and thankfully out of view of my clients…when I have the curtain drawn).”

Office & Kitchen

“I have a ton of equipment and movement props that are organized into cupboards made for me:) Storage for ukuleles and orff instrumentarium, puppets, percussion, rainsticks..super long ones!”

Cupboards & Organization

“The floors are fun here…specially designed pattern in the music room to facilitate movement with the very young. Two pianos. I don’t know if you can see in the photos, but I have a tree net scrunched up hanging on the wall beside the ball bag.  I hang the net across the opening to the piano area and store big instruments like the cello and such behind the net during my baby classes…to keep babies and instruments safe.”

Floors & Display Boards

Thank you so much, Susan, for giving us an inside look at your amazing musical space! You can learn more about Susan, her studio, and all her brilliant ideas by visiting her blog, Make Me Musical.

Readers: if you’d like to submit pictures and captions of YOUR musical space for an upcoming feature, please email them to me. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a studio; maybe your musical space is your car, or a corner of your living room, or the closet-sized office where you work (I used to have one of those!). Whatever it may be, I’d love for you to share with us.

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