November always feels like such a magical month to me. We leave behind the sugar rush and spookiness of Halloween (while still embracing all things pumpkin) and officially make our way into the holiday season.

Everyone seems so much more friendly and happy during this time of the year, which to me, is the best part of the holidays. I love the spirit of Thanksgiving, and this year I want to get a jump start on celebrating right away.

So over the next 23 days, I’ll be sharing something or someone I’m grateful for every single day. I do this on a daily basis year-round (though privately and on a smaller scale with my gratitude journal app), and I hope that by writing these posts, I inspire readers to express their gratitude as well.

Gratitude Definition

Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” But what that definition doesn’t convey is just how powerful the act of actively expressing gratitude can be.

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can increase our well-being and happiness, amongst many other positive outcomes. Starting and ending my day by reflecting on what I’m grateful has been a pretty life-altering practice, and I definitely notice the difference when I forget to do so.

I haven’t blogged on a daily basis in YEARS, so that in itself will be a challenge — but the subject matter will not. Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be deep or heavy, although it can if you want it to be. Some days, I’ll share the BIG things, while other days, I’ll share the trivial.

November is a busy month both personally and professionally, but I’m looking forward to having an anchor in writing these gratitude posts. If you would like to follow along by receiving my daily gratitude posts via email, simply enter your name and email address below.

And feel free to join in by sharing your own gratitude posts either on your blog or social media. If you do, please let me know so I can follow along!

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