Clean Up Album CoverGood morning! It’s Monday, but hey, we’ll make the best of it :) I had a wonderful trip to Chicago – the parade was packed with people but the weather and the atmosphere definitely made it worthwhile. It was so nice to spend time with our friends, and my husband’s awards banquet was super fun as usual. We returned last night, and after a whirlwind weekend it was a little difficult getting back into the groove.

Today’s song is another new one, and this time we’re singing about cleaning up. I know this is certainly not most kids’ favorite activity, but a song can make just about anything reasonably enjoyable. I wrote this song so that you can add verses to cater to the specific clean-up task being tackled. I included just a couple sample verses (picking up toys and clearing away dishes) but feel free to make changes as needed.

Clean up time, clean up time,
Lend a hand and sing this rhyme.
Clean up time, so do your part,
Ready, get set, now start!

Clean up your toys, put ‘em away.
Put ‘em away, oh put ‘em away.
Put ‘em away, where they belong,
Cleaning up is the name of this song.


Clear away your dishes, take ‘em away,
Take ‘em away, oh take ‘em away.
Take ‘em away, where they belong,
Cleaning up is the name of this song.

Clean up time, clean up time,
You lent a hand and sang this rhyme,.
Clean up time, your part is done,
Cleaning up can be such fun.

Do you know any other clean-up songs? They come in so handy for my students when it’s time to put away instruments or other materials used in music therapy sessions.