I found Little Miss Ann by way of iTunes last winter, and immediately fell in love with her song, “Clap For Love” from her CD of the same title.  I try to include at least one fun movement-focused tune in each music therapy session, and this one fits the bill perfectly.  The actions are simple, the language is straightforward and repetitive, and it is easily adapted to include additional or different movements, depending on the student or group with whom I’m working.  Not only do my music therapy students love it, but it has also been a hit with my Church Mice kids, all of whom are typically developing.

In fact, I make sure that all of the songs I write or cover would be appealing to any child, no matter what level of functioning, as well as the adults that accompany them.  If the parents, teachers and other caregivers have to listen to the same song over and over again, they might as well enjoy it…right?

How cute and fun is that?! That is why I think children’s music artists like Little Miss Ann, Justin Roberts, Laurie Berkner, etc. are so popular: they most definitely appeal to their target demographic, but adults like it, too.  And that is what I always strive for with each new tune.  I want to make sure it addresses the targeted goals and objectives properly, and I want it to be universally likable. Hopefully I’m achieving these two goals, at least, most of the time!

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