Thesis WordPress Theme

When Listen & Learn made the move from Blogger to WordPress last summer, there was no question as to which theme I was going to use.

Not only did my good friend the Music Therapy Maven use and recommend the premium theme Thesis, but I saw it pop up all over the blogosphere on a daily basis.

I wanted a theme that I would be able to customize myself to keep Listen & Learn’s signature look, not to mention one that would help boost my presence in the search engines.  Thesis was a bit of a financial investment at $87, but it didn’t take long before I shelled out the additional $77 for the Developer’s Option Upgrade, which allows me to install Thesis on any and all of the domains I own.

I’m in love with my theme, which is why I saved this “Friday Fave” for Valentine’s Day week.  From the many font options, to its search engine optimization capabilities, to the sheer ease of use, Thesis truly takes the intimidation factor out of WordPress.

In fact, I’m using Thesis to roll out yet another website — but more about that another time.  A girl’s got to keep some of her secrets under wraps! ;)