I Love the Rain

Spring not only brings a change in the weather, but it also brings a change in mood. At least, that’s true for me and many of my students — like me, lately they’ve seemed just a little more smiley and excited than usual. Day after day of sunshine and warmth has been amazing!

But I also appreciate a good spring shower, which is what this week’s song is all about. There are already so many great songs I use in music therapy sessions on this topic, but I was inspired by a friend to write this one. Check it out:

A couple of good showers have snuck their way in amongst all this sunshine, and already the trees and flowers are blooming. Just the other day, their beauty caught me by surprise as I drove down my tree-lined street, and at that moment, it felt really good to be alive. Corny, yes? But like I said, spring has that affect on me!

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