Here are 13 highlights of the national American Music Therapy Association conference thus far, in chronological order:

  1. Arriving in sunny Dan Diego!
  2. Finally meeting fellow music therapy blogger Kimberly Sena Moore and sharing a conversation-filled dinner.
  3. Reuniting with Michelle Erfurt and getting to meet her awesome hubby.
  4. Seeing my songbook in person for the first time. We’re talking squeals of joy!
  5. Watching people buy aforementioned songbook in front of my eyes.
  6. Listening to a fascinating lecture about the link between music neuroscience and music therapy. More to come on this later!
  7. Attending the first ever music therapy tweet-up and meeting some new friends.
  8. Learning the ins and outs of applying for a national roster internship.
  9. Having the presenter of that session recognize my name and congratulate me on my aforementioned songbook publication. Too cool!
  10. Getting together with fellow Illinois State University alumni and faculty and having a blast reminiscing and catching up.
  11. Eating a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, courtesy of the ISU music department!
  12. Blogging before bed…gotta get my fix, you know.
  13. Knowing that my first session doesn’t begin until 9:30 am tomorrow.

There is still much more fun to be had over the next 1.5 days, including my presentation, Music Therapy in the Blogosphere, on Sunday morning. I will continue facebooking and twittering (yes, those are both verbs) throughout it all, so that you can all get in on the conference action!

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