Summer Break 2014

Just as I started to feel like I was getting a handle on this whole “working mom” thing, summer break arrived. Not that I’m complaining! Actually, I’m super stoked to have the month of June off; there is SO much happening in these next four weeks that I’ll need the extra down time.

It’s hard to believe that almost exactly one year ago, I was wrapping up work and getting ready to have a baby! I spent the entire summer on maternity leave with Parker, and it was wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that I was tempted to close up shop until September once again. But that isn’t a very savvy move for a business owner, and I figured I would start to get antsy about halfway through, so I came up with a good compromise.

In July I’ll be offering a 5-week early childhood music class as well as a 6-week summer session for my students. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed schedule (no Fridays!) and earlier nights, which means I can actually eat dinner with my family. Then mid-August, I’ll have another short break before kicking off the new school year session in September.

Yesterday was my first official day of summer break, and it was pretty much perfect: birthday shopping while my mother-in-law babysat Parker, catching up over the phone with several good friends, a long stroller walk, and early bedtime. The rest of the week looks promising with my birthday, a day trip to Chicago for a Cubs game, and Parker’s 1st birthday party. Hmm…I could get used to this.

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