Music Through the Decades

This year in planning for summer at Music Therapy Connections, our music therapist Alisabeth came up with a fantastic idea. She set out to create an enriching experience for both the students and staff with whom she works in a school setting, all while celebrating popular American music over the last 100+ years.

Once Alisabeth laid the groundwork, our entire music therapy team collaborated to create a resource that we are so excited about and proud to share! Music Through the Decades is an 8-section goal-based program covering music by decade from before 1950 to the present.

Throughout the summer, we’re introducing and implementing music from a different decade each week. And while this resource was originally created for children, teens, and young adults with multiple disabilities, we were intentional about putting it together in a way that would support growth for people of all ages and abilities.

Music Through the Decades provides a solid framework that you can use over a span of weeks or months to provide your own students and clients with a fun and engaging musical experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s included, all of the details are right here. We are so enjoying putting this resource to good use already, and we hope that you will, too!