Pass the Tambourine Album Cover

It’s been a month since I picked up my guitar, but the time has come to reacquaint myself (and build up those callouses again!). Next week I’ll be ditching my yoga pants and tank tops for real clothes when I start the summer session of Listen & Learn for Little Ones, our early childhood music class.

I’m a little bit nervous about dipping my toe back in the water, but a LOT excited. Baby Mia is still a little young to appreciate my singing — I don’t get quite the response from her that I do from my little ones in class. Plus, she can’t shake and drum along like they do ;)

One of the reasons I’m super pumped about this session is that we picked a few “favorite” songs and activities from classes throughout this past year, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be especially enjoyable for everyone.

One of those songs is Pass the Tambourine, which I haven’t shared yet here. It’s simple and based on a familiar melody, which makes it easy for everyone to join in singing from the get-go.

I have my little ones pass the tambourine around the circle a few times, getting faster with each round. It’s also fun to change up the speed from child to child, which keeps them on their toes (and usually induces lots of giggles).

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