Scenes from Summer Break | Listen & Learn Music

Believe it or not, we are already over a week into summer break at my house! Parker’s last day of kindergarten was May 22, and we’ve been filling our days with summer fun ever since.

Luckily, my husband Zach and I were able to enjoy a week of rest and relaxation in Hawaii (check out my story highlights on Instagram) right before the end-of-school madness set it, which was great because life has been moving like a freight train from the moment we returned home.

After wrapping up the last-day-of-school festivities for Parker, we went right into birthday mode as Mia Belle turned 4. Our family came over for a small party that night, and then we hosted a “Princess-Unicorn-Ballerina” tea party for all her little friends over the weekend.

Scenes from Summer Break | Listen & Learn Music

We spent the rest of the holiday weekend in chill mode, playing with lots of new toys at home and making the most of the early summer weather. On Memorial Day, we had a swimming party and cookout with our family at my parents’ house.

Scenes from Summer Break | Listen & Learn Music

We hit the ground running on Tuesday, starting with something we’ve never done before: strawberry-picking! We met up with some friends at a local orchard and ended up bringing home 7 pounds of freshly picked strawberries.

We came straight home and made strawberry pie, and we’ve been eating strawberries for basically every snack. I still have a ton left, and see more pies in our immediate future!

Scenes from Summer Break | Listen & Learn Music

Luckily for me, the kids have been extremely patient as I’ve carted them with me on a billion errands (grocery store runs, oil change, the bank, trips my to office, etc.) but I’ve sprinkled in stops at the park and special treats throughout to stay on their good side ;)

On Monday, Parker will start summer camp at the same school where Mia attends pre-K, which is a little bittersweet. I have loved spending these couple of weeks with them, but I’m also looking forward to tackling several BIG projects over the summer.

There’s also a lot happening at my studio, Music Therapy Connections, where we just welcomed an intern, two new instructors, and have a new full-time music therapist starting on Monday!

But until then, we still have a few days to enjoy this little summer break. We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the park and splash pad with some great friends, followed by a picnic lunch.

Scenes from Summer Break | Listen & Learn Music

How are you kicking off the summer season? Whether you are enjoying a break or taking care of business as usual, I hope it’s off to a great start for you!

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