Summer Business Meeting at Starbucks

When I think back on Summer 2016, I will have lots of reasons to smile. I’ll remember how quickly it flew by, how hot it was, and how busy yet idle I felt, but mostly I will smile. So far, this has been the summer of…

  • celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday and watching her learn to walk
  • celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday and watching him blossom into a “big boy”
  • celebrating the one year anniversary of being in our new studio
  • caffeine-fueled business meetings at Starbucks
  • experimenting with (and loving!) Facebook Live videos
  • preparing for a new intern to join us at Music Therapy Connections
  • gorgeous vacation destinations (Asheville, NC, Naples, FL, and one to come…)
  • long stroller walks around the neighborhood
  • eating Chipotle with my husband on Friday nights after the kids are in bed
  • pushing my kids on the swings in our backyard
  • finally sleeping through the night (at least 3x a week!)
  • wearing my hair in a ponytail every. single. day.
  • going old school using a paper planner
  • writing so, so, so many songs
  • playing so, so, so many singalongs

We’re only 2/3 of the way through, but August always feels like such a blur as everyone starts preparing for fall. In a few weeks, my daughter will start “school” (her first year of daycare) 3 days per week, giving me 3 glorious days to spend working. It’s a bittersweet time, so I am simultaneously looking forward to it while making the most of these last weeks having her at home all day every day.

Summer. The fastest of all the seasons. Soak it up.

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