All Tied Up

Ahh, shoe tying. It’s one of those rites of passage that most children go through in their early elementary years…at least, that’s the goal. There are so many ways to go about teaching this skill, and a google search led me to countless rhymes, poems, and little ditties breaking down this skill into manageable steps. I thought I may as well throw my hat in the ring, so this is my addition to the collection.

I can tie my shoes, do you wanna see?
I can tie my shoes independently.
First I make a criss-cross, in the air,
Then loop one end under there.

Pull both laces nice and tight,
Make one loop that has a tail just like a kite.
Now I take the other string and wrap it round the loop,
Guide it through the hole, and that’s the scoop.

Now I’ve got two loops, so I’ll pull them snug,
All I really need is a little tug.
Repeat these steps for the other shoe,
Oh I can tie my shoes, and you can too!

This is a skill that takes lots and lots of practice, and it is one that requires patience on the part of both student and teacher. A song may help, but hands-on action is what will get the job done. Happy tying!

Learning To Set the Table

When I was in seventh grade, we spent an entire unit of my home economics class learning to set the table properly. Now, many years later, I still sometimes mix up which side the fork, knive, and spoon are placed (just ask my mom, who knows from experience). So if a fully capable adult can’t always keep it straight, how can we expect a child to always set the table? By singing a song about it, of course!

At breakfast lunch and dinner,
Right before we eat,
We have to set the table,
The rules are short and sweet:

First comes the plate, it’s big and round:
Take it out of the cupboard and set it down.
Next comes the fork, everyone knows:
To the left of the plate is where it goes.

After that the knife and spoon:
To the right of the plate, we’ll be using soon.
Last are napkins and a cup,
Now our table is set so let’s eat up!

At breakfast lunch and dinner,
Right before we eat,
We have to set the table,
The rules are short and sweet!

And that’s all there is too it. I’ll just have to remind myself to sing this song at our next family dinner as I set the table. Happy dining!

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