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I knew even before I started my music therapy education that I was going to take the unconventional route. I’d already had plenty of practice at that, having completed my undergraduate education as a vocal performance major 3 semesters early in order to graduate and pursue my training as a music therapist.

I gained so much more than a bachelor’s degree in those 2 and a half years spent at Rollins College, a small liberal arts school in central Florida. Dr. John Sinclair, or “Doc” as everyone called him, was the director of the music school, and he was the model for doing things unconventionally. I watched him take on countless challenges, create exciting opportunities for his students, and build his program to reflect his innovative vision.

It was Doc who introduced me to the field of music therapy during my first semester of sophomore year, who connected me with a local music therapist so that I could shadow her, and who sat with me for hours, helping me devise a plan for graduating early so that I could dive into  my dream career as quickly as possible.

Dr. Sinclair & Rachel on Graduation Day at Rollin College | Listen & Learn Music

Doc gave me permission to do things differently, just as he always had himself. When everyone else questioned my decision — “WHY would you want to finish college a year and a half early?!” — he encouraged me to follow my gut. 

He served as a mentor to me, and without his steadfast support, I might have succumbed to those voices telling me to take the more conventional path. But as I packed up and returned to the midwest to attend Illinois State University in the winter of 2003, I didn’t look back for a second. 

16 years later, I felt inspired to share my unconventional roadmap with other music therapists who are working on finding their own path in a career full of diverging possibilities.

Innovative Income for Music Therapists | Rachel Rambach | Listen & Learn Music

Innovative Income for Music Therapists: Beyond Direct Service & Private Practice combines my own experiences with those of other trailblazing music therapists to illustrate the virtually endless ways in which to generate revenue using your unique training, knowledge and skills.

It’s not easy going the “alternate” route or blazing your own trail; I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. Your decision to become a music therapist most likely took a good deal of courage and fortitude. I hope my words encourage you to continue shaping your career in a way that allows you to live your ideal life.

The field of music therapy is so much wider and more expansive than it was when I first stepped foot in it, and the possibilities for forging your unconventional path are endless. 

Innovative Income for Music Therapists: Beyond Direct Service & Private Practice is meant to serve only as a catalyst, not an all-inclusive catalog. I’m sharing my own experiences of generating income outside of clinical work and direct service, as well as the experiences of some of my most respected colleagues, in hopes that they will spark the innovator in you.

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