Week 32 rolled around while we were on vacation, and I loved telling people that I was eight months pregnant. It sounds so far along, even though I still have two entire months to go!

I thought my belly would be much bigger at this point, and apparently so did my doctor since she told me at my appointment on Friday that I need a growth scan at my next appointment. She said that although I am measuring a bit behind, the ultrasound will give a better estimate of his size and he could very well be right on track. I’m crossing my fingers that this is the case, and also looking forward to seeing him again :)

The day after we returned from vacation, I had my first baby shower. It was hosted by Deb Watts (our family friend and accompanist for my church chorale) and attended by the members of our chorale. Of course, Baby Rambach was the main topic of conversation —  I never get tired of talking about him — and I got to hear lots of baby stories from experienced moms and grandmas. Such a fun shower, and I was extremely grateful to my lovely host!

I received so many great gifts, including clothes, blankets, baby gifts, bottles, toys, and accessories for the nursery. We just barely managed to fit everything in the back of my car afterwards:

Our giant basement closet is currently serving as the depository for all things baby-related, since we don’t want it all piling up in the nursery. I still have two showers to go, and already I am a little overwhelmed by the gigantic pile of clothes, blankets, toys, and necessities. I guess I better just get used to it, huh?

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