Yesterday it was all about appropriate language…today we’ll continue in that vein with a song about using good manners. Children receive constant reminders to say “hello”, “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”, so after a while, they can start to tune them out. What better way to teach manners than with a song?

Manners, manners, what are they?
It’s the way you talk, act, and play.
Using friendly words and being nice
Is having good manners, take my advice.

Is crying and screaming the right thing to do?
No, that’s bad manners for me and you.
But smiling and having nice hands and feet
Is having great manners, and being sweet.

Saying please and thank you is great,
So is being patient while you wait.
Following directions and taking your turn
Is having nice manners, you will learn.

So always remember to do these things,
And you will see the smiles it brings.
Use friendly words and be polite,
And your manner will be just right!

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