Week 22

This might be my favorite weekly photo yet. I know I’m 100% biased, but this baby is quite possibly the cutest creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. My heart seriously leaps every morning when I pick him up out of his crib.

Smiling in the Crib

Not a bad way to start my day. Occasionally Parker will wake up crying, but most mornings he’ll entertain himself for quite a while…babbling, blowing bubbles, rolling around. I love watching and listening to him on the monitor, but it’s that smile on his face when I walk in that gets me every. single. time.

Morning playtime is the best, because now that he is sleeping so well, he is always in such a good mood. We usually lay on a blanket and play with toys, though now that he is rolling so much, he’s off the blanket in a matter of minutes.

Rolling baby!I made a bigger effort to get out and about this week, mostly because it’s easy to go stir crazy spending so much time cooped up at home. Last weekend was gorgeous, so we made two trips to Washington Park. The first one was on Saturday, when we met up with Grandpa Alan and Grandma Jill.

In the Park

On Sunday, we went on a walk with my friend Jen and her baby Ellie — Parker and I are going to miss those walks now that it’s getting so cold. Speaking of cold, it legitimately snowed on Monday. SNOWED. In November. Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool. I keep it nice and toasty inside so Parker can be comfortable in just a onesie, but we bundle the heck up to leave the house.

Looking Cute at 22 Weeks

We found a few reasons to get out and brave the elements this week: shopping at Target, baby group (as always), getting my oil changed, and other random errands. Grandma Betsy came to babysit on Thursday morning while I visited a kindergarten classroom for a singalong, which ended up being lots of fun. I did a lot more of that kind of thing pre-baby, so it’s extra special when I have the chance nowadays.

As great as it is to get out, I think Parker is happiest when we’re just hanging out together at home. He usually chills in his swing while I vacuum the house, but he is enjoying it less and less now that he prefers being upright all the time. Can’t you tell by the look he’s giving me? The jumperoo is his apparatus of choice these days.

Parker in the swing and jumperoo

This is all probably very mundane to read, but I’m learning that I have to find joy and excitement in the routine. Next week we are off to Florida for my music therapy conference, so that will provide some much-needed adventure! No matter what is happening in our lives, it’s all good because, this.

Adorable happy baby

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