Music Therapist's Christmas Mix

Yesterday in the comments of this post, music therapist extraordinaire Wade Richards shared that this year, he gave all of his students a CD of holiday tunes — including originals, classic favorites, and even some that his students had recorded.

I’ve given holiday CDs as gifts to my students in the past, though I’ve never thought to include the sweet sounds of my students or any of my original songs. I already have this year’s gift ready (more on that soon!) but if I were giving out a CD, here’s what my playlist would look like:

  1. “Go Tell It On the Mountain” (As sung by James Taylor)
  2. “The 12 Days of Christmas” (As sung by Grace T.)
  3. “Little Saint Nick” (As sung by She & Him)
  4. “The Other Eight Reindeer” (Listen & Learn Original)
  5. “Someday at Christmas” (As sung by Justin Bieber)
    Don’t judge before you listen…his Christmas album is actually very good!
  6. “Silent Night” (As sung by Matthew B.)
  7. “We Need a Little Christmas” (As sung by the cast of Glee)
  8. “Holiday Break” (Listen & Learn Original)
  9. “Sing” (As sung by Kristin Chenoweth)
  10. “Where Are You, Christmas?” (As sung by Chauntea M.)

Phew, that was tough! I could probably put together 10 more mixes that I like just as much as the one above, but I’ll spare you for now ;) However, if you are on Spotify and want to check out my “Happy Christmas!” playlist, you can do so here. I’ve been listening to it nonstop!

Which songs would you include on a mix for your students and clients, or even just your family, friends, or yourself?

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