The Carpenters may have been before my time, but I have fully embraced their music thanks to my dad, a big fan himself. As I mentioned last week, one of my holiday traditions is listening to the album A Christmas Portrait, which the Carpenters released in 1978. I first heard the album as a freshman in high school, and I remember borrowing my dad’s copy of the CD and practically wearing it out that year. Now I have my own copy, and it remains my very favorite Christmas music ever.

This is one of the few CDs I can listen to over and over and never get bored…in fact, it’s been in my car CD player for the past three weeks. Richard’s arrangements are lush and beautiful, and Karen’s voice is stunning, really. Though I enjoy every song on the album, my favorite is “Sleigh Ride”.

Close runners-up are “Christmas Waltz”, “It’s Christmas Time” and “Merry Christmas, Darling”. You can listen to snippets of all the songs here, courtesy of Amazon. And the next time you hear one of these songs while you’re shopping at the mall or in your car listening to Christmas radio, think of me :)

That does it for this week’s Friday Fave. I have a busy but fun weekend to look forward to, which includes leading music activities at my church’s Breakfast with Santa and singing at the birthday party of one of my favorite three-year-olds, Samantha. Have a great weekend!