Over the weekend, I took a short trip to sunny Florida, and I couldn’t help but get excited about the warmer weather coming our way. Although higher temperatures aren’t here yet, the few days I spent in my sandals and sunglasses inspired this week’s beach-themed post!

Some of the goals addressed in these songs:

  • Improve object identification
  • Understanding connections between objects and their uses
  • Increase verbalization
  • Improve rhyming skills

One of the most important aspects of any beach vacation is making sure all the essentials are packed into your beach bag. “Going to the Beach” reminds us of all the things that we need to bring to have a fun and safe day in the sun.

Not only does “Going to the Beach” present SO many opportunities to practice that challenging “ch” sound, but it also provides a simple way to begin teaching responsibility  by preparing for a trip to the beach.

Going to the Beach | Listen & Learn Music

This song helps children create connections between objects and their uses, as well. Do we need our snow boots at the beach? No, but we do need our swimsuit. For some children, that may not be so obvious, and a song like “Going to the Beach” clearly spells out what we need for a day at the beach.

“Going to the Beach” could also be easily adapted to fit different scenarios, such as going to school or going to Grandma’s house. For those adaptations, objects that are essential for each client or student can be added for each child’s needs. By adapting the song in that way, it becomes a musical packing list that can be used in everyday life.

“Down By the Beach” was a huge hit with my clients and students this past summer, and is a fun way to discuss summer topics while also learning about rhyming. “Down By the Beach” is a fun twist on the familiar song “Down By the Bay”, so many clients and students quickly jump in and sing along.

Down by the Beach | Listen & Learn Music

Because the melody of “Down By the Beach” is so familiar, it is easier for my students and clients to identify objects and verbally (or through singing!) identify them. Often, I will present a visual of the first object, such as a seashell, and two choices, one that rhymes and one that does not, such as bell and boat, and challenge my clients and students to choose the correct rhyming word.

Rhyming can be a challenge, but identifying rhyming words or syllables that sound the same can be made fun when put to song. It’s even more fun when we sing and rhyme “Down By the Beach” in the middle of winter, so we can dream of all the fun we’ll have in a few months.

Although summer is still around the corner, my trip to Florida reminded me of what is to come, and has been inspiring my music therapy sessions and music classes this week. My clients and students have loved being silly and singing about the beach while it snows outside our windows, and the children have the opportunity to identify objects and rhyme while doing it!

I’d love to hear from you: what are your favorite ways to musically “escape” winter during your sessions and classes?

You can listen to all of these songs in their entirety right here. Lyrics, chords, mp3, and instrumental track for these original songs are available for download. As is the case for all Listen & Learn Music creations, we invite you to adapt this song as needed to best serve your students and/or clients.

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