Achoo - Children's Song About Sneezing

With all of the allergens floating through the air and the bipolar weather we’ve been experiencing here in Illinois, I’ve heard a lot of “achoo-ing” going on lately.

So much of it, in fact, that it inspired my latest song. You know how much my students and I love a song that starts out slow and speeds up as it goes along (as evidenced here and here) and that is exactly what my newest song does, too:

When you feel a little tickle in your nose,
Then you know how the next part goes:
You shut your eyes tight,
Cover your face just right,
And then you have to sneeze!

Achoo, achoo!
Excuse me, and bless you!
Achoo, achoo!
I sneezed, and you did, too!

{Repeat, speeding up each time}

Even some of my not-so-verbal students are saying “achoo!” right along with me, and it’s so much fun to hear them keep up with me as the song speeds up. I’ve been having them play egg shakers and chiquitas, since the “ch” sound they make fits perfectly.

Oh, and speaking of songs about sneezing, please check out the song “Spring Fever” by Mr. Heath. It’s a staple at our annual spring singalongs. Do you know any other tunes that celebrate the joy (ha!) of spring allergies?