Counting Snowflakes

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you know I’m a sucker for a good counting song. But little did I know when I wrote “Little Red Apples” back in August for our early childhood class, it would lead to an entire songbook full of them.

That song was such a hit with our young students AND music therapy clients that we continued writing new counting songs like it every few weeks. We also created visuals for each one, and now have a nature-based counting collection to match every season.

Katey and I have been working hard over the last couple weeks to put this collection into a nice little downloadable package for other music therapists and teachers, and we wanted it to be full of helpful resources so that you can start using the songs right away. So, this multimedia songbook includes:

  • sheet music (melody line + chords)
  • mp3 recordings
  • instructional videos
  • visual aide templates
  • photos

No matter what the season, you’ll have a counting song for your little ones — and it can easily be adapted to go beyond the number 5. We consider all of our songs to simply be starting points; our job is to tailor the musical experience to our students’ unique needs.

Songbook Cover

We wrote 8 original songs, which have all been tested and approved by MANY students and clients at Music Therapy Connections:

  • “Five Swirling Snowflakes”
  • “Counting Clouds”
  • “Raindrops in a Row”
  • “Five Flowing Flowers”
  • “Little Red Apples”
  • “Five Leaves Waving”
  • “Five Orange Pumpkins”
  • “Five Tall Trees”

Katey and I are super excited to share this new resource with you! We so enjoy collaborating on class curriculum design and songwriting projects; there are many more on the horizon. In the meantime, read more about Counting Through the Seasons and download it here. 

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