One of my favorite traditions at The Hope Institute is gathering all of the students and staff for an all-school holiday singalong. We really go all out: our Hope House Band (comprised of me on guitar and vocals with three other members on guitar, drums, and bass) sets up, we pass out song packets with lyrics to all the classes, and we even invite students to perform special roles in the festivities.

This year, one of our senior classrooms has been creating their own visuals to accompany songs for each month, and December is no exception. We have been having so much fun using their creative materials for Ten Twinkling Trees and The Other Eight Reindeer that now, they are going to add their artistic talents to tomorrow’s singalong.

The class worked together to make signs for each of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, which they will hold up in the air at the appropriate times in front of the entire school when we sing the tune tomorrow. I think the staff members are more nervous than the students, to tell you the truth! We rehearsed this morning, and I know everyone will be impressed.

Singing seasonal carols is my favorite way to get into the holiday spirit, and I know I’m not the only one. I love hearing coworkers and children singing Christmas songs in the hallway outside of my office throughout the day, and next week I will be leading one of my classes as we surprise other rooms with a song or two. How does your school get into the holiday spirit? Do you put on a special program or concert? I know that many schools are not allowed to celebrate religious holidays…if this is your case, do you celebrate the season in an alternative manner? Please take a moment to share!