Out of all 480+ posts I’ve written, one I wrote last year titled ‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones happens to be one of the most viewed pages of this entire website.  And not just around Halloween time; it’s popular all year ’round.  I’m assuming that this must be an in-demand song, which is why I decided to feature it as a “Sunday Singalong” video this week.

I figured out this version myself after using a recording of the song one day with a group of students.  I really liked how the music in the recording modulated up as the bones in the body were named, and I wanted to do something similar.  But I like to keep my guitar playing super simple when I’m working with kids, because I want the focus to be on them (not my fingers).  My method of playing this song could pretty much be used by anyone who knows 3 chords: D, A, & G (and if you want to add the key change at the end, E & B7).

Rhythm sticks are my instrument of choice if anything; but most of the time, my students are more than happy just to sing along and point out each body part, or “bone” if you will, as it is mentioned in the song.  I love to mix it up by adding other bones (like hand, elbow, arm, shoulder, etc.) and speeding up the tempo for a bit of a challenge.  Hope you can use and enjoy this song, too!

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