Every Tuesday evening, Rusty and I spend 30 minutes playing, writing, recording, and expressing ourselves through music. He is very interested in technology, so recently we’ve been using Garageband, iTunes, and iMovie to bring his musical creations to life. He continues to impress me with his good nature, musical talent, and creativity!

I love the fact that so many of my students want to incorporate technology into our work together, whether it’s music therapy or voice/piano/guitar lessons. Just today, I used the Flip Ultra HD Camcorder to record a student singing a new song, and we critiqued the video afterwards in order to improve her stage presence and facial expressions.  I use the “voice memos” app on my iPhone to record vocal exercises, piano accompaniment, and even entire lessons, which I can email to my students (or their parents) right then and there.

If you want to see more of Rusty, check out this YouTube video, which was filmed by and for our local newspaper, The State Journal-Register.  He is very proud of his status as a YouTube star!