End-of-Year Office Organization

At this time every year, I put aside a few hours to declutter, file, reorganize, and purge my office/studio. You’d be surprised at how many stacks of paper, receipts, and music books I’ve found stashed all over. It feels so good to start the new year with a newly organized work space!

Here are a few of the tasks on my list today:

  • Scan printed sheet music
  • Enter expenses and file receipts
  • Finish thank you notes to students
  • Frame and hang student artwork
  • Clear out my inbox
  • Part with unneeded programs, fliers, etc.
  • Find homes for stray items in my storage closet
  • Back up my computer on my external hard drive
  • Put away Christmas music
  • Reorganize music bookcase
  • Put instruments and equipment back in their place

Yikes! That list is a little overwhelming now that I’m looking at it all written out. But there’s no time like the present to get everything done — especially since my week long break is quickly coming to an end.

This office organization is just the beginning of a year-long decluttering effort, thanks to Michelle Erfurt. She started a Facebook group to tackle the 2012 Declutter Calendar, and I am fully on board!

Now that this blog post is finished, it’s time to get down to business. Are you doing any heavy duty organizing or decluttering before the new year begins?