We talk a lot about love during February.  After all, it is the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day!  But what about all of those other feelings we experience on a daily basis? Recognizing, expressing, and regulating emotions are important skills for any child, including those with whom I work. I had this is mind when I wrote today’s song, “The Feelings in My Heart”. Take a listen:

Happiness, Excitement, Anger, Sadness, and Love,
My feelings are in my heart.
You can tell how I am feeling by my actions and words,
But in my heart is where they start.

I laugh and I smile when I’m happy,
Having fun with my friends for a while,
Happiness is a feeling I have in my heart,
It makes me laugh and smile.

I jump up and down when I’m excited,
When good things are coming around.
Excitement is a feeling I have in my heart,
It makes me jump up and down.


I yell and I pout when I’m angry,
When there’s something I’m mad about,
Anger is a feeling I have in my heart,
It makes me yell and pout.

I cry and I frown when I’m sad,
When I’m hurting or feeling down,
Sadness is a feeling I have in my heart,
It makes me cry and frown.


I hug joyfully when I feel love,
For my friend or my family,
Love is a feeling I have in my heart,
It makes me hug joyfully.

I used this song yesterday with a class of middle school students who have behavioral issues.  After each verse, we went around the room and gave examples of healthy ways to express that particular emotion.  Not only did I receive some very interesting responses, but I got a little more insight into my students and what they are all about.   I’m planning another activity related to this topic for next week.  I am going to create snippets of popular songs, which I’ll play for the class and ask them to identify whether each song reflects happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, or love.  I will provide the lyrics for analysis, and of course, some of the songs will fall into more than one category.  I’ve learned that anytime you can incorporate music that the students actually listen to outside of school (as long as it is school-appropriate), the opportunity should be seized!