Fuel of Choice for Musicians

My professional roles of music therapist, teacher, and performer can be quite draining.  After a long day of sessions, lessons, and a long rehearsal, I feel as though I’ve just run a marathon.

So when I have one of those days in front of me, I find myself wondering: what is the best thing to put into my body in order to provide the energy I need?

I’m a creature of habit, so when I discover something that works, I stick with it — up until this point, my breakfast (cereal, banana, and yogurt) and lunch (sandwich or salad with protein, some kind of fruit or vegetable).  But my workdays are much more intense now than they used to be, and I usually need to refuel in between meals.

So I’m asking you, my esteemed colleagues…what is your fuel of choice to carry you through a long day of singing, playing, and working with children or adult clients?