Music Therapy, Lessons & Classes for Children in Springfield, Illinois

It’s hard to believe, but Music Therapy Connections, LLC has grown from a duo to a team of 7 in the span of just one year. On Monday we had a full house in our studio with 5 music therapy sessions, lessons, and groups happening at the VERY SAME TIME. It was awesome.

We had so much fun getting everyone together for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Here are some names to go with those smiling faces, from left to right:

  • Matt Mifflin teaches guitar and piano.
  • Matt Nall teaches piano and ukulele.
  • Kristi Lecocq teaches voice and introductory piano.
  • Janel Metzger provides music therapy, groups, classes, adapted lessons and introductory piano.
  • Katey Kamerad provides music therapy, groups, classes, adapted and typical lessons (piano/voice/guitar).
  • Alisabeth Hopper, our music therapy intern, assists in providing all of the above.
  • Rachel Rambach (that’s me) provides all of the above.

Learn more about all of our team members, including their background and training, on the Music Therapy Connections website.

What I love about our team is the diverse skills each person brings to the studio. There is some overlap in the instruments we teach and services in which we specialize, but everyone has his or her own approach and philosophy — all of which are a great fit with our company.

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