Episode 41 // Jennifer Whitlow

In Episode 41 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with Jennifer Whitlow. Jennifer talks about starting her private practice while pregnant, why she actually enjoyed her labor and delivery, and her adjustment to new motherhood as a business owner.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Whitlow
Jennifer is a board certified music therapist with degrees in Music, Psychology, and Music Therapy. After completing her Music Therapy degree in 2011, she began working with individuals with special needs and married her husband Chester. Now settled in Indianapolis, Jennifer has completed the advanced training, Neurologic Music Therapy. After working in the field for nearly four years, she opened her company Dynamic Music Therapy LLC, a Medicaid Waiver provider that provides individuals with special needs music therapy services. In May of 2015 Jennifer and Chester welcomed their beautiful daughter Elizabeth Esther into the world. As well as being a business owner and mom, Jennifer serves as the public relations chair for the Association for Indiana Music Therapy and is a current co-chair for the 2016 GLR Conference in Indianapolis.


Dynamic Music Therapy LLC // Jennifer’s private practice website.

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