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In early fall of 2018, I got the itch to write a book. This has always been on my bucket list, but I just couldn’t nail down a topic. I have dozens of ideas stored in the Notes app of my phone, most of which I quickly abandoned after brainstorming bullet points.

But on December 17, the topic I was meant to write about came to me — where else? — in the shower. (It’s where I get all my best ideas.) I got out, got dressed, then ran to my laptop to capture all the thoughts flooding out of my brain.

The Idea

Innovative Income for Music Therapists: Beyond Direct Service & Private Practice is the book that encapsulates all that I have learned and experienced over the past 10+ years since starting down my non-traditional path. It’s not just my experience and wisdom, though; it’s also that of 8 other music therapist innovators that I admire for what they have accomplished in our field.

After I wrote down all of my ideas that day, I immediately drafted an email to those 8 music therapists asking if they would be willing to contribute to my book. 8 “yes” responses later, there was no turning back…I was writing a book!

The Content

I hear from music therapists (ranging from new professionals to seasoned clinicians) every week who are curious about ways to apply their music therapy skills and knowledge outside of the clinic. And in responding to each and every email I receive on this topic, I have found that I’m answering the same questions again and again.

The music therapy field has grown by leaps and bounds since I first entered it in 2007, and there are innumerable ways in which music therapists can contribute. Many of those ways are outside of direct service, which has been my experience, and what I feel called to share with fellow professionals.

This book will focus on the mindset of a music therapy innovator, what it takes to turn an interest into a profitable stream of income, many concrete ideas for applying your skills and knowledge in non-clinical ways, and the stories of other music therapists who have successfully done just that.

The Process

For those of you who haven’t done it, writing a book is HARD. And the hardest part isn’t even the actual writing of it; it’s the sitting down and doing it. I am so passionate about this topic, and I want to get it right. The fear of messing up my opportunity to do so is HUGE.

Nonetheless, I’m doing the work. It took me a few months from conducting the interviews to actually starting a document on my computer, but now I’m in the thick of it. And the more I write, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes.

I’m balancing writing this book with running my private practice/teaching studio and Listen & Learn Music, not to mention the daily demands that come with being a mom (who will have 2 young children home for a couple of weeks between summer camp ending and school starting!), so I’m giving myself plenty of grace.

The Timeline

I haven’t set a hard and fast deadline, yet. Ideally I would love for this book to be finished and available sometime in the fall, so that is the goal I’m currently working towards.

Innovative Income for Music Therapists: Beyond Direct Service & Private Practice will be in e-book (and possibly audiobook) form, and I’m hoping to offer a CMTE component, as well. There are still so many details to nail down, and I will definitely keep you posted as things development over the coming weeks and months.

Truly, I am so excited to share this endeavor with you. I’m even more excited to deliver to finished product to you (in digital form), and so look forward to your feedback. Thank you as always for your support!

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