Last week as I was preparing for a music therapy session, a thought came to mind: Jingle Joe needed a female counterpart. So right then and there, I created Jingle Jane, and she’s been a part of the tambourine gang ever since. Here’s the new verse:

Jingle Jane was strolling down the lane,
I saw her just the other day.
Her hair was pink, she said, “See whatcha think,
About the way I play my tambourine.”

She showed me how to jingle, jingle!
Tap the tambourine in the air.
Jingle, jingle!
Jinglin’ with Jane, play without a care.

Literally hours after I’d composed that verse, I received an email from a reader named Mollie. This is what she had to say:

Hi Rachel,

My 5 year old and I were listening to some of your stuff while I was prepping for the new month and she helped me write a verse about a girl and a maraca since it’s “Mexico Month” (according to her!) Thought we would share it with you! Feel free to tweak it and share your thoughts…but just wanted to share. Thanks again…keep up the good work!


Mollie must have been reading my mind, because here is the verse she and her daughter came up with:

Silly Sally is a gal I know,
I saw her just the other day.
She likes Chewbacca, and she plays the maracas,
And she taught me how to play.

She showed me how to shake, shake!
Shake the maraca way with all your might.
Shake, shake,
Shake with Sally she’s dy-no-mite!

She showed me how to shake it high, shake it low.
Shake it fast, Shake it slow.
Shake with all your might,
Shake with Silly Sally she’s dy-no-mite!

What a fun way to incorporate other instruments into the song. And I love that she collaborated with her daughter, who is obviously a budding songwriter herself :) If you ever have an idea for new verses or lyrics to a song you find at Listen & Learn, please don’t hesitate to send it my way!

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