Hello, and happy Friday to you! I’d like to start the day with a greeting song: it’s called “Silly Sounds Hello,” and it targets consonants. This particular tune was written for a little boy named Rocco, who I worked with two years ago, so it was tailored to the consonant sounds he was struggling with at the time.

However, you can change those words and sounds to fit the needs of any child, no matter how silly it might end up sounding (because after all, that’s the point!). Take a listen:

I know a silly way to sing hello.
You can sing it to your friends,
And the people you know.
The words of this song are fun to say,
Won’t you sing along with me today?

Hi, hi, pie pie pie.
Hi, hi, tie tie tie tie.
Hi, hi, my my my.
Hi to you.

Hello, no no no.
Hello, go go go go.
Hello, dough dough dough.
Hello to you.

Hey there, bear bear bear.
Hey there, fair fair fair fair.
Hey there, pear pear pear.
Hey there to you.

So there it is. Rocco loved singing this song because it was so silly and nonsensical, and by the year he had mastered most of these sounds. Progress is that much sweeter when you have fun making it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of hello songs. And if you have any great ones up your sleeve, I’d love to hear about them! As always, thanks for reading, and come back later for “Friday Faves.”

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