Baby Playing With InstrumentsThis weekend, I snuck away for a little lunch and shopping date with my mom. Of course I had to check in on my little guy while I was gone, and my husband sent several photos — all of Parker playing with my instruments.

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play” was the caption that popped into my head immediately. Just look at that face; he knows exactly what he’s getting away with!

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Zach told me that all Parker wanted to do was play my instruments, considering he makes a beeline for my studio first thing every morning. I usually let him explore (completely supervised) for a little while, and then redirect him to the living room full of his toys and more age-appropriate instruments. As much as I love that he is obsessed with my guitar, I’d rather him stick to his toy guitar for a few more years ;)

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