Parker sitting up at the piano

From the time he was just one month old, Parker has been a huge fan of his kick ‘n play piano. He’s spent countless hours on that mat, kicking away at the keys to the point where I have every single tune completely memorized. It’s where he first learned to grab at toys, and he perfected his rolls on that mat as well.

Add another skill to that list: he’s working on sitting up on his own with the help of his little piano. He hasn’t mastered it yet, but when I place his boppy pillow behind him, he does a pretty great job staying upright and tickling those ivories at the same time.

It’s so exciting to watch Parker discover all the things he’s capable of, especially when they are musically related! Everyone always comments on his long “piano-playing” fingers; this is just the beginning step on his journey to becoming a little pianist. Hopefully he’ll be a more diligent piano student than I was as a child ;)