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Welcome to Listen & Learn Music! This complimentary download is in cooperation with music therapist Emily Wangen, owner and director of Music Therapy in Motion, LLC in North Dakota

Click below to download the mp3, chords, and supplementary materials for each individual song or collection.

“Hello” Mini-Pack

Mini-packs offer a collection of songs centered around one theme. Each mini-pack includes an instructional guide, lyrics/chords, and mp3s.

The songs in this mini-pack come from the Listen & Learn for Little Ones curriculum. Created and led by music therapists Rachel Rambach and Katey Kamerad, Listen & Learn for Little Ones is designed to instill and foster a love of music as well as develop basic skills for both musical growth and daily life.

The “Hello” mini-pack includes:

  • “It’s Time for Music”
  • “Sit Up Nice and Tall”
  • “Let’s Say Hi”
  • “Let’s All Wave Hello”
  • “Everybody Has a Name”
  • “Hello, Hello, Hello”

Baby Band

“Baby Band” was written for the summer session of my Listen & Learn for Little Ones class, and I used it during free play time. Unlike most of the other instrument-centered songs I sing with my kiddos, this one doesn’t have any specific directions for playing a certain way. It’s just an opportunity for the little ones to try out different instruments and make music however they want.

I did include some different sounds in the verses for older babies who are starting to verbalize and develop their speech.

“Bonding” Mini-Pack

The “Bonding” mini-pack includes:

  • “You Are My Sunshine”
  • “Sing With Me Love”
  • “I Love Your Toes”
  • “You Are My Dear One”

How I Feel

This album is a little different from the rest. Instead of including the instrumental and full versions of just one song, How I Feel contains 5 short songs — each one based on a different emotion or feeling.

The topic of each song is based on a continuum used for one of my clients, but I have a feeling these 5 “feeling” songs are applicable to lots of kiddos with or without autism and other developmental disabilities. They include I’m So Happy, I’m Okay, I Think I Need a Break, This Isn’t What I Want, and I Feel Sick and Hurt.

To download all four songs/collections in one large file, click here.

Thank you for your interest in music therapy songs and materials from Listen & Learn Music. Please feel free to explore the site for over 200 more original resources designed for children of all ages and abilities.

Questions or comments? Contact Rachel Rambach via email, rachel@listenlearnmusic.com.

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